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Is Facebook Playing Fair?


Facebook has recently blocked a new photography app called ‘Vintage Camera’, claiming large amounts of negative feedback from Facebook users to be the reason. The app, which is quite similar to Instagram, allows users to apply different filters to photos, creating a vintage style image. The ap... Read more



Fascinating Facebook reporting from Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha just announced that they have expanded the Personal Analytics for Facebook that they introduced last year. Click here to try it out. The results are both insightful and entertaining. In this post I'll show you the biggest new feature, and share my favourite old feature. One of ... Read more


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What can we learn from the launch of


Some of you may have picked up on the commentary this week around the launch of the new global Tourism Ireland website, - most of it pretty damning. (If you want to see some of the backlash, just type into Twitter search) There are numerous issues with the site in terms of... Read more



What Do You Mean 20%!


So I once used an analogy to describe Facebook to a client. I said ‘Facebook have this handy knack of moving the goalposts every now and again. This time they moved the pitch!” Once again this springs to mind. This time the pitch be moved was not in the form of a user evolution. This time the ch... Read more



$100 to talk to the Zuck


According to research conducted 46% of people who use Facebook don’t understand how the platform makes money. This may be the case now, but in the wake of the declining Facebook share price after the IPO, Facebook have become a great deal more overt about how they structure the... Read more