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Social Media Infographic – How much are these companies worth?


Here is a great infographic which displays just how hot the tech bubble is right now. As you can see from below, Twitter has the highest current revenue-valuation ratio which is one remarkable feat. Facebook is scheduled to go public in the next 12 months. With this, I have one question and it's ... Read more


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Essential List Of Official Google Blogs For Online Marketing Professionals


Google have A LOT of blogs scattered all over the internet. If you're involved in online marketing, then you need to read these or at least check in occasionally. So here it is, here is the essential list of official Google blogs for online marketing professionals. I've broken it out under Searc... Read more


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Google Instant Explained – Infographic


I wrote a post in September 2010 on my blog about how Google Instant Will Change The Way We Search. Here is an infographic of that post basically which explains in a nutshell just how Google Instant works and the amount of time it saves users.  I'm a big fan of infographics - sometimes they just ma... Read more


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Optimising A Website For Mobile Devices


Optimising A Website For Mobile Devices 2011 is the year when mobile internet will exceed the number of desktop users globally depending on who you talk to with 2013/2014 the more likely year. Having said that, the popularity of mobile is growing at an exponential rate and businesses need to adap... Read more


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Four Top Tips For Search Query Reports In Google AdWords


Search Query reports were introduced in May 2009 and they're a really great addition for search marketers. Google loves sending high quality, relevant content to their users and with the help of search query reports, advertisers can find additional keywords that they might have missed out on whi... Read more