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The In Excusable and Inherently Evil IE 6, IE Display issues!


For starters I am not as upset as the title may imply! Although I am starting to think that IE is an inside joke that stands for In-Excusable. Imagine how much further along the internet design world would be if we didn’t have to focus so much of our brain power on making this (I)n-(E)excuse of... Read more


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SEO grass roots, choosing the correct hosting environment and platform for your website


Many a website has launched or is about to be launched without proper attention being paid to a number of KEY factors that effect SEO, mainly the location of hosting and the platform hosting your website. Working as a web developer I have worked with and re-developed many websites that target a s... Read more


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Content Management Systems are Free!?


For the longest time in the Web Development world Content Management Systems (or CMS) have been seen as an added "extra". To this end many Web Development agencies have invested time and money to develop in-house Content Management Systems to meet their client's needs. You will probably find a bu... Read more