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Web Design Agencies and Search Marketing Agencies Should be Friends

For most of the history of the commercial internet, web design and development agencies have claimed that they do search engine marketing (checkout the Services section of the website of most web design agencies). Mostly, they don’t. There is a good reason for this. Search marketing requires a different set of skills and technologies to those used by web designers. Also, web design is usually done on a project basis, with a project completion date. Search marketing is often an ongoing endeavour. So, the two disciplines rarely mix very well in the one company.

While advertisers were only learning about the search marketing … Continue Reading

Online Competitor Analysis at Search Engine Strategies Conference London

While attending the SES Conference in London a few weeks ago the level of interest in competitor research was evident.  Search is the one medium where you can find out exactly what your competitors are up to.  Some members of the audience were intrigued as to the online marketing ethics of this practice, but the expert consensus was that competitor information is readily available on the web and your competitor is most likely trying to find out exactly what you’re doing anyway, so why get left behind!
One interesting tool mentioned at the conference that’s being currently developed by … Continue Reading

Search Engine Strategies Conference London - The Rise and Rise of Search

Just back in the office having spoken at the opening day of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in London. As you would expect, this year’s event is bigger than ever. It is clear that the UK market has reached tipping point in terms of the budgets that advertisers are prepared to spend on online marketing and particularly on search. A number of search marketing agencies reported that they are spending hundreds of millions of pounds per year on behalf of clients, exclusively on search. This backs up the figure of £1.4 Billion spent on online marketing in the UK in 2005 … Continue Reading