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Online Advertising Spend tops £2 billion in the UK in 2006

The British Advertising Bureau has reported that online advertising spend exceeded £2 billion in 2006 putting it ahead of other forms of advertising spending including cinema, radio, outdoor and national press.

An article in the Sunday Business post on April 29th, 2007 said that five years ago advertising spend in this area was only £165 million compared to £2 billion today. There all also indications that advertisers are switching their advertising spends away from more traditional forms of advertising spending to online spending.

Search marketing accounted for 58 percent of the total spend and has grown by 52 percent since 2005 while … Continue Reading

Search Engine Usage in Ireland continues to Grow

Amarach consulting has just published statistics on search engine usage in Ireland. According to the figures, over half of all Internet users in Ireland are now using search engines such as Yahoo and Google every day. For younger users, this percentage rises to over two thirds.

The study also noted that one in three users who are searching on a search engine will click on one of the first five results presented to them while two thirds of users click on sponsored listings at some point or another. The group most likely to click on sponsored listings are 35 - 44 year olds among whom … Continue Reading

Bebo overtakes Google as Ireland’s most visited website.

Alexa.com’s statistics now state that social networking site Bebo is Ireland’s most visited website. The website has seen significant growth over the past 12 months and Bebo have said that they now have over 1 million registered users in Ireland.

According to Alexa.com, Ireland’s top 5 visited websites are

1. Bebo

2. Yahoo.com

3. Google.ie 

4. MSN.com

5. Google.com

The top 100 websites in Ireland also includes 6 Polish, 4 Chinese, 1 Russian and 1 Lithuanian websites.