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The Time to Invest in Mobile Marketing?

“This is the year of the mobile”

How many times have you read that statement over recent years? Ever since the I-Phone launched over a year ago and the Android platform was a mere rumour, marketers have been claiming that the mobile movement is about to erupt.

There are more mobiles in Ireland then people, yet there seems to be scepticism to mobile marketing, similar to that felt towards online marketing. A lack of knowledge, a fear that it is a fad and the ever looming recession … Continue Reading

157 New Opportunities - Please Rob Me

You leave your home. Turn on your phone. Get into work and turn on your computer. Sign into a social network.

What’s increasingly likely is you turn on your smart phone when you leave your home and sign in to your favourite social networking application straight away.

So are you actively promoting the fact that you are not in your house?

Please Rob Me is a website that was set up to promote the awareness of careful social networking. The website … Continue Reading

Safer Internet Day 2010 - “Think B4 U Post!”

Well, who knew so much was going on this 9th of February 2010. In addition to being 09.02.10 day (for all you California-lovin’ David Austin Green Fans), it is also the date that marks Safer Internet Day 2010; this year’s theme of which is “Think B4 U Post.”

Organised by Insafe, metrocafe311 agree that its an important message to share, especially as we become more and more comfortable sharing our information within the social spaces that help us communicate on a daily basis.

Agata (here in metrocafe311) found all we needed to know on … Continue Reading