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YouTube Marketing: Working for the “YouTube Election”

News on the U.S. Presidential election spreads fast, but it seems that news travels even faster on YouTube. During the 2004 election, being in Ireland and away from the States during crunch time may have meant I was out of the political loop. Well, not anymore, as the 2008 election has been renamed by many as the first “YouTube Election.” Noting how YouTube has revolutionised the US presidential race displays the power of YouTube as a communications tool. Whether you are looking to use YouTube to market your business or spread the word … Continue Reading

Online and On TV: Integration for Success

Integrating online and offline marketing channels requires more than just taking your TV ad and placing it online. More and more studies show how traditional advertising, like TV, is merging with the Web; marketers are considering “integration” wherever possible.  When integrating online and offline channels, you should consider the relative strengths of each. Our remote control is becoming more like our mouse; and our computer is becoming more like our television set. Irish Marketers must anticipate the importance of strategising the integration of their online and offline channels to gain the most value each has to offer.

Interactive Return (of … Continue Reading

Google Analytics in Ireland: Interactive Return Becomes a Google Analytics Authorised Consultant

Since Google Analytics has been the focus of so many of our discussions lately, it is only fitting that we are thrilled with the announcement of Interactive Return becoming a Google Analytics Authorised Consultant. Our official entry into the program means we are only the second company in Ireland to achieve such a qualification.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows for the detailed analysis of a visitor’s activity on a website. Interactive Return’s Google Analytics services now include: complete setup of the tool, trouble-shooting any issues that may arise with Google Analytics, providing detailed insight gathered from … Continue Reading

Credit Crunch - What Does this Mean for Search Advertising?

There is no one who isn’t talking about the financial doom across the globe these days. As search marketers, we are closely monitoring the effect of the current climate of online advertising. Interactive Return has made sure we did not underestimate what this may mean for Search Budgets, as well as overall online spend; and based on what I’m reading elsewhere, there is no doubt that more people will turn to the more measurable online marketing channels; but that we must proceed with caution. In doing so, we can come out stronger … Continue Reading

Balancing Your Marketing and Business Objectives Online

Increase Online Conversions

Increase Online Conversions

When determining the success of a site or the success of a brand because of a website, it seems there are many people overlooking what really matters: Conversions. It is easy for the majority of people to concentrate on increasing site traffic; but forget to follow up with what happens once they enter the site.  People may visit your site and become familiar with your brand; but if you’re not considering search engine optimisation tactics in order to increase conversions, then what are you are doing … Continue Reading