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Core Media Forecast for 2011

With communication in such a state of change and the way information is shared and consumed evolving at such a fast rate it is important that the industry take stock and reflect on the past year to see where future opportunities lie. To that end Core Media conducted a study of what the media landscape will look like throughout 2011.

The report provides you with a snap shot of the key developments we expect to see in 2011 and assesses the consumer’s mindset across all major media channels including Press, TV, Online, Radio, Outdoor and Cinema. There is no doubt that it has been a tough year for traditional media with the closure of both the Sunday Star and the Sunday Tribune but with digital set to experience positive growth of +13% we are left feeling optimistic for 2011.

Technology has had a big impact on consumer behaviour and the rise of smart phones means that retailers will have to re-evaluate the relationship between the consumer and physical retail outlets. 85% of all adults that took part in our survey engaged in at least some online shopping over the Christmas period. This shows that consumers are taking an always on approach to information consumption and purchasing decisions are made at the consumer’s convenience, putting pressure on the brands to keep up. Continue Reading