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The In Excusable and Inherently Evil IE 6, IE Display issues!

For starters I am not as upset as the title may imply! Although I am starting to think that IE is an inside joke that stands for In-Excusable. Imagine how much further along the internet design world would be if we didn’t have to focus so much of our brain power on making this (I)n-(E)excuse of a web browser work properly.

I won’t get into all the nitty-gritty details of what exactly are the issues we face with this browser (frankly there … Continue Reading

A Web 2.0 Inauguration: President of the USA and President of Online Marketing

It’s official. Barack Obama is the president of the United States and for those of us in this industry around the world; he might also become the President of Online Marketing. After the success of his online marketing campaign during the election, so many people wondered if Presidential Candidate Obama would take his Social Media followers and friends with him when he became President Obama. It appears that one of his Presidential policies will be…No “friend” Left Behind.

Watching the Inauguration yesterday evening was truly historical, especially as an American; but it was hard … Continue Reading

Digital Media Awards Shortlist Announced: IR for Three Awards!

Interactive Return is delighted to start 2009 with nominations in three categories for the Digital Media Awards! Interactive Return will eagerly anticipate the results on February 13th, to hear whether we will be the winners of the Best Search Marketing Campaign, Best Mediacast Production, or Best Use of Social Media.
With its background in search engine marketing,  Interactive Return is proud for its being shortlisted in the Best Search Marketing campaign, developed for Tourism Ireland throughout 2008. The Tourism Ireland search campaign is a multinational campaign running along many of the leading … Continue Reading

IR Search Marketing Experts Speaking in February – Aisling Blake and Julian Lynch

As companies around the world re-evaluate their marketing activity, February brings about courses and conferences where people are trying to brush up on their Online Marketing skills or learn how online marketing can impact their return on investment, relevant to their industry and sector. metrocafe311’s experts, Aisling Blake (Operations Director) and Julian Lynch (Commercial Director), have been chosen to speak at some of these conferences, offering insight for how online marketing and search marketing can be cost-effectively utilised to achieve a company’s business objectives.

Aisling Blake will be speaking at Search Engine Strategies, … Continue Reading

SEO grass roots, choosing the correct hosting environment and platform for your website

Many a website has launched or is about to be launched without proper attention being paid to a number of KEY factors that effect SEO, mainly the location of hosting and the platform hosting your website.

Working as a web developer I have worked with and re-developed many websites that target a small cross section of the Irish populace. Some of these websites are selling what could be considered niche products to a niche market, but host their website through a third party hosting reseller based in Roanoke, Maryland in the U.S?!?

Having investigated why … Continue Reading