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Internet Usage Jumps Again in Ireland

New data from the Commission for Communications Regulation has just been published and shows some interesting stats on Internet uptake in Ireland.

  • 47% of Irish people went online in the last quarter of 2006
  • The Highest Penetration rates came from 15-24 year olds, students, workers and those who used the Internet at home.
  • 70% of all Internet usage came from Home.
  • Factors which are stopping other people getting online include - Lack of a PC (35%), Lack of Skills (31%) and a lack of an Internet Connection (21%)
  • Eircom had the largest Market share at 80%
  • The most popular activities online are - E-mail (65%), General Browsing … Continue Reading

Google Announces Details of Pay-Per-Action Ads

Google has just launched beta testing for pay-per-action ads. The difference between pay-per-click and pay-per-action is that advertisers will only have to part with their money when a certain action is performed by a user - whether it is a sale or a sign up.

This cost-per-action system is a big boost for websites which are selling physical or downloadable goods because the return on ad investment can be measured directly in terms of sales.

It is also hoped that it will help combat the problem of click fraud - Advertisers could be more assured that humans and not robots are cicking through on … Continue Reading

Future gets brighter for Internet Marketing in Ireland

A new report commissioned by ComReg in Ireland has just been published and shows the generation gap that is emerging between younger Internet users and older ones.

The TRENDS report shows that more than half of all 15-24 year olds are now member of social networking sites such as BEBO, seven in ten use the Internet in Ireland and most are online every day. The report also shows that time spent online is now eating into time spent watching television and that Internet usage is now becoming the main leisure activity for young people.

 Thanks to Amárach and ComReg for the news.