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Search Engine Optimisation: Comes with Practice

The importance of search engine optimisation is continuously growing, especially in times when companies are trying to gather the most valuable traffic to their website at a low cost. So what better way to get low cost and valuable site visitors than to rank high in the search engine’s free listings? But when it comes to search engine optimisation, many people ask themselves ‘where do we even start?’ Getting started in search engine optimisation can be challenging, even for those who call themselves Search Engine Optimisation experts. And most people look to reading … Continue Reading

Search & Display Marketing Integration, Engagement Mapping

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Search Marketing Expo in London last week on the topic of Integrating Search Marketing and Display Marketing.

A number of studies have shown the advantages of combining search and display marketing.  These studies point to the following advantages of integrating search marketing and display marketing.

  • Target key touch points in the purchase funnel
  • Use search marketing to test display campaigns
  • Drive searches from display ads
  • Increase brand recall
  • Optimise, before during and after the campaign
  • Increase the pay per click campaign click through
  • Drive engagement on your website
  • Achieve higher conversion rates

Although … Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing is Good For Business

The amount of people talking about social networks in the online marketing industry today is tremendous, but the reason they are doing so is because the benefit it may have for your Business is even more tremendous. The “next big thing” in Ireland is no longer social media; because it already is the “big thing.” As traditional advertising methods continue to see drops in their level of effectiveness, Social Media Marketing can help to resolve people’s “ad blindness.” Businesses can reap the benefits of a social media marketing campaign; and Interactive Return … Continue Reading

Interactive Return on the Golden Spiders Shortlist – Best Professional Services Website

The clock is ticking as we get one step closer to the annual Golden Spiders. It was good news for Interactive Return, as we are shortlisted for Best Professional Services Website.

Sponsored by Rain Communications, the professional services website that has made the best use of technology in order to deliver the most user-friendly and valuable resources to its industry will be the category winner. InteractiveReturn.com is devoted to keeping the industry up to speed with its YouTube channel, SEO tools, Whitepapers, and even this Blog to mention just a few initiatives. … Continue Reading